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Monster cat girl adventure run jungle alien fighter it is a free new game.

•             How to play:

In hero monster cat girl “adventure” run fighter runner game you can move to tow direction forward and up you can also jump using his power sound sonic waves from his hand. With some speed click in the jump button to jump and passed all danger or when you face obstacle (“water” ”alien” ” dragons” “bee alien” “ steel ball” “ goblin” “galaxy” “zombie” “solder” “angry bird” “aliens”...)or just attack with his powerful  punch ability.

•             Objective (goal):

It begins when cat girl find the all might the most power hero in the world universe galaxy. The alien bill gags call others titan and “ninja” villain come to earth and search of hidden city and find it and destroy it. But cat girl with his friends fight them first. She is the super hero ever.

Now she want protect all people of the earth and his friend URARAKA to keep them all safety from danger.

So are goal is help hero and run with speed to get all coin stone power plasma and by the energy and full up his magic punch technique. That gives her the secret magic power to transform or fusion to a many type of attack face all big titan and fight the dark enemy in the game.

•             Ultimate cat girl Powers and Abilities:

Cat girl can transform like all might so he can punch like hem with ultra-blast punch ultrasonic frequencies fire blast she is also capable of duplicate himself and overloading machinery and stopping projectiles in mid-flight space.

•             Description of the game:

First it is free game to all people from deferent age there is nothing in the game is improper.

Game type: action, arcade, race, adventures

It is very simple when you play the game. But it is so funny and challenging when you focus in play. They are one hero to play with. Also this is the first free games contain MIDORIYA hero.

We have nice view screen blue sky tree environments (jungle zone, desert zone, and city zone). The character is Ultimate sound sonic waves punch attack with some modification.

We have for levels to complete it take you many hour to finish it I am sure that you pass from beautiful playing space experience in this game.


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